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This site was intended to provide various resources on cellular immunology and related technologies. Unfortunately, time constraints have prevented me from fleshing it out soon, and so updating it has been taking a lot longer than I had hoped.

So I don't expect any significant updates to this free site in the upcoming months. However, I would like to provide a few links to various relevant sites and web pages. Some of these web pages will be rather sparse, but they've been included here for completeness.

Elispot systems Elisa-Spot assay challenges
Assay background Elispot reader technology
Additional background information Misc Internet resources
ELISPOT in China The ELISPOT assay process
An encylopedia entry on this topic More ELISPOT info in Chinese

I'd really like to talk about cytokines, granzymes, pathogens, lymphocytes, epitopes and the like. Maybe as time progresses...

Other relevant links:
The Immunity Syndrome Memory cells An immunology blog
Plate readers, analyzers Ambriex ELISPOT analyzers
Publications Animated demonstration ELISPOT analyzers